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Artikos Plastic Free

Combining Art and Environment 


This work is still evolving, and was initiated by four partners, including myself. 
We realized there is excessive use of disposable plastic cups in art event around the city of Tel Aviv. Each week hundreds of plastic cup are turning into trash on exhibitions' opening events.

We had the idea to raise consciousness to this issue by opening a useful platform, where people could see all galleries and shows but also remember not to use plastic cups.

We offer a stainless-steel labeled cup instead the plastic one, and try to develop the connection between art lovers and environment.

*Kos = glass or cup in Hebrew

Photos & Video: Doron Oved

The Challenge

There is plenty of information about the many exhibitions displayed, but not one place where you can actually see it all together and use while roaming around the city between the opening events. We wanted to to show all galleries on a map, and enable the users to see with a glance when exhibitions are opened and closed.

So we needed to ---

  • Make the brand easily remembered when seen on our cups.

  • Make the cups attractive to own (though we have budget only for very simple ones)

  • Build an informative website that is very quick to use, especially on mobile.

  • Build a system that is easy to update.


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