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Ami Steinitz - Contemporary Art

Curation, Education and Activism


Ami Steinitz is an art curator, active for more than four decades, exhibiting art in non-commercial, alternative environments.

He is involved in many educational projects, spreading art and creativity in different communities, especially in those who are neglected by establishment.

He also takes part in social and political activism and promotes art as an expression of a specific and relevant context of a community, as opposed to art for museums and commercial galleries. 

The Challenge

The site holds a vast amount of content from various kinds.

A very systematic framework was needed to ensure users will not get lost in this rich collection of photos, articles and publications.

There are hundreds of photos, but most of them in low resolution, copies of prints from old cameras.  The photos could not function as in a commercial site, as they lack the "glam" of big bold immersive visuals.    

On the other hand, all photos has great documentary value, as some events has no other documentation left, at least not in public. Most of the photos shows real people in action, and in this case one person is not more "important" than another.

Steinitz is a teacher and a writer, and his theoretical writings are part of this archive. one of the challenges was to weave the texts into each project and avoid separating them as a long meaningless list.

Logo &

lev 4.jpg

Based on the idea of breaking and recreating the square space of the traditional gallery, the three categories icons were designed.


The Hebrew initials of Ami Steinitz

ע + ש  makes the logo from the same elements.

גליה יהב 6.jpg

Color Illustrates the timeline, and the three crossing categories.


Strips of small images make the headers of the main pages, compensating for low resolution, but manifest the richness of activities and their authentic documentary value. 

Color &

Site Hierarchy

Home page

Full index to all main pages

Decade page

A preface, and an index to all projects of the decade, marked by their categories

Project page

A preface, relevant texts and galleries. Links to full articles and lists, links to other project of the decade.

Quotes from larger texts are located in the relevant places and enables some meaningful reading during browsing, without leaving the page.  

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